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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Hello, and welcome to what I hope to be a great relationship where you will begin to manifest your destiny. 

Let me tell you about me and how I got started. First, my name is Milton C. Spence, III, I am a husband to my queen Andrea, and a father to two beautiful children. My family is the main inspiration behind me starting this business because I wanted to see what I am meant to do come to light, and for my children to experience their father walking in his destiny. 

Before I became a cool dad, and awesome husband, I was a guy who always had a clue about destiny, calling, or instinct. I never knew how to either cultivate this, nor walk in it so I struggled a lot in my teen and early adulthood with self-identity, and self-esteem. I found myself always trying to gain approval outside of me, and fit into a way of life that I did not agree with. Finally, one day through many years of reading, studying, and praying I finally woke up to who I am and what I am. This caused me great joy, but I still had one more thing to do, and that is live it out. So, I began to receive counsel on how to do just that, when I also knew that in this journey I am meant to do just this, and that is help you manifest your destiny!

How did I decide to make helping people succeed through their hindrances to live out their destiny?

I have been doing it all my life for free!

I have been providing positive results, and helping people to overcome deep battles with depression, low self-esteem, fear, resentment, misunderstanding self-worth, anxiety, and much more.

With a Bachelor Of Arts in Psychology, a Master Of Arts in Counseling, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology(2022). I have gained the textbook knowledge of the mind, and continue to study the human being from a psychological and physiological standpoint. I am ready, and capable to provide you, your family, or your employees with the best services and results! 

I would love to know more about you, and work together to help you live out your purpose, rather it be personal, business related, or both. Take a look around and let's get acquainted.

About Me: About Me
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