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The Journey

How do you start, commit, and finish?

That is the hardest part about anything we do, rather it be relationship, career, health, or personal development. Why? Because we are beings that must mature in stages, and we have held ourselves back from doing so, then we cannot reach the levels in which we allow ourselves to be best in every situation. The fact that we have the opportunity to grow beyond measures, is due to our openness, and due to our level of acceptance. We are not perfect, but we supposed to strive for that in this life based upon what exactly?

Our journey, our path to least resistance is just like it seems, until there is a storm. The question is, do you follow the journey, or do you go off the path set for you? Do you take the storm as a means to quit, divert, stop, or sulk? If so, then you've forgotten one thing. How beautiful is that path after the before and after the storm? You see, sometimes you need the storm to cleanse your way, rather that be inside or out, and you need it to show you that your path is yours regardless. Embrace, own, and submit yourself to your purpose. Your journey is not meant to be easy, and it is not meant to make you happy all the time. If that was the case, you would have no need to have any other feelings in your spectrum. Most of us battle depression because we want happiness without the work to get there, we want peace without the battle of destroying discord. Your journey is beautiful, it is the storm, and it deserves you to finish it.


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